Potential Benefit of HRT on Alzheimer’s

It seems that there is still much debate about whether HRT can be a benefit in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

A press release from Hanna Geissler The Daily Express Health Editor 3rd April is that ‘Early HRT treatment may ease the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease’ and that women should take HRT early to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Early HRT treatment may ease the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease | Express.co.uk

A press release from the University of East Anglia earlier this year claimed that HRT could ward off Alzheimer’s amongst at risk women. It suggested that taking HRT was associated with improved memory and larger brain volumes in women who were carriers of the APOE 4 gene. The APOE4 gene is thought to be an important contributor to the higher prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in women. One in four women are known to be carriers of this gene. The study appears to suggest that the age of starting HRT appears to be an important factor in reducing risk of Alzheimer’s. This is a similar benefit to that seen with heart disease prevention when HRT is started earlier within 10 years of the menopause.

More study is required to analyse which types of HRT are most beneficial, but this is promising news in the prevention of this dreadful disease.

Find out more about Alzheimer’s disease at: NHS Alzheimer’s disease

By Published On: March 25th, 2023Categories: Health & Wellness

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