Lisa Watson

I am a menopause specialist nurse, advanced nurse practitioner and prescriber.

I qualified in 1989 as a Registered Nurse at Guys Hospital London.

My career path started in Acute Elderly Medicine for 1 year, then A&E for 14 years, and since 2003 I have been working in NHS General Practice in Primary Care as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I am an independent nurse prescriber.

As a professional I have always had a special interest in women’s health and wellbeing, with consultations regarding women’s specific health related problems making up a large part of my NHS day.  I am also a coil and contraceptive implant fitter.

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It was when I started to battle with symptoms of the perimenopause myself, that I truly learnt the value of knowledge about this transition, and the treatments that can help if needed. My personal experiences made me determined to become a Menopause Specialist so that I could provide top quality care and advice to all women, at every stage of their menopause journey.

So, I trained with the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health and now hold the Advanced Certificate of Menopause Care which is recognised by the British Menopause Society. It was my passion to also open my own Menopause service.

I offer menopause assessments, education, advice and guidance, and a suggested plan of care to in the form of a letter to take to your GP. I can support you to get your treatment on the NHS or alternately offer a private care plan I have partnered with called Heal.

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